Lucky Man


As we walked out one night,
my love and I,
I caught a glimpse
of an old bachelor friend
through the window of a restaurant.
He was sitting at the counter,
reading a newspaper over his solitary meal.
He would be going home alone,
getting into bed alone and waking up alone,
rather than returning to a shared bed
with a beautiful woman.
And I felt a sharp pang of envy.
For in his aloneness his life seemed fuller, richer,
and less lonely than mine
in its incomplete state of togetherness.
My love also noticed him and turned to me.
“Isn’t that your friend?” she said,
“poor guy.”


2 Comments to “Lucky Man”

  1. I noticed you changed the tag from “suffocation” to “stultification”
    strangely enough, stultify is today 8/20/2016’s word of the day. Suffocation makes more sense.
    Anyhow “the grass is always greener”

  2. I happily looked at Artillery Magaizine tonight to see your latest poem but was sad because I had already read it on your website. Your site is rich and generous and full of wonderful words but I find myself wanting more. Please publish another book. I hope you still write poems!

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