A Richer Victory



Broke, bitter and alone.
What more could I ask for?
I have failed, at last,
beyond my wildest expectations.
I don’t understand
why I’m still not satisfied.


2 Comments to “A Richer Victory”

  1. Oh John. Atleast you are famous. I am broke and alone AND have a broken tooth that hurts like hell and it is not profound or poetry. You are not satisfied because you are a seeker….and seekers end up disappointed. The trick is not to let the wounded turn you into wounded….and then bitter…and then a hater. No one knows that I exist now that my money and youth are gone, but I choose to live decency anyway and not be turned bitter and pass on hate. I joyfully participate in the suffering of life and I no longer seek. Expect little from people and you will not be disappointed. Suffer well my friend…and pray for my horse.

  2. Your satisfaction isn’t the point, it’s ours. We suck on the marrow of your defeat. Please, sir, can I have some more?

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