Beauty depresses me,
Knowing that it’s temporary.
Positivity requires too much energy.
And even if I were happy,
I wouldn’t admit it,
For that would be insulting
To those who are not ,
And those who pretend to be.

(Artillery, Sept 2012)



  1. This reminds me so much of myself. I was like this for so many years, so used to my old comfortable habits of negativity and being a “realist”. It took me some time, but I’ve gotten out of that slump. I just felt terrible all the time, mentally and physically. I guess I just got tired of feeling that way. Being positive feels better, makes me enjoy life more. I can’t deny a good feeling like joy, that would just be denying my own existence. Maybe we would all be better off if everyone was ugly and sad, I don’t know. At least we would all be equal, I guess, no judging.
    But….what if everyone was beautiful and happy? Maybe it would be too good to be true and we would all hate it because nothing is ever good enough?

    I let that negativity grind me down for too long and I don’t subscribe to that mess anymore. Your poem caught my eye and I wanted to share this with you.

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