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June 16, 2011

Scorched Earth Policy

Bitterness is all the rage.
Resentment burns through me,
Destroying everything in its path,
Burning up the sadness, burning up regret,
Burning up fear and desire;
Charring, gutting, exhausting me.
I can’t take the corrosive bitterness
I have forced upon myself.
I know that it’s all my own fault.
But I can’t let that stop me
From resenting other people.

May 24, 2011


I saw the sun rise by accident.
It was a horrible sight.
Annoyed by its splendor, I sought refuge
in a moist pillow, and lay there, alone,
at the dawn of another day,
that brought me closer to another death,
pondering the vanity of my solitude,
the vanity of procrastination,
and the tiresome inevitability of waking up
again the same person.
It might still be possible to change,
but obstinately I remain the same,
hoping that others might take solace
in my consistency.
But perhaps they take no solace in it,
perhaps they too find it tedious.