Kill off

Grooming myself for a career in failure,
I studied with masters.
Then I realized: they were successful.
For how would they otherwise be known?
There is a difference between the failures
of the successful and the failure of true failures.
A matter of sliding scale:
The failures of the successful are celebrated,
broadcast far and wide;
while the failures of failures are obscure,
buried with them when they die.

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5 Comments to “Woodshedding”

  1. John. I see a hole in your logic. By shear exposure to millions on the internet, I am quite sure that you are just as successful in failture as those you aspire to.
    Pray for my horse.

  2. Maybe true failure transcends any measure of success. And success any measure of failure. Like parallel streams of accidie and euphoria descending from the same source at the same moment. But if so where do the lead?

  3. Someone said if millions of people like your art, then it is surely bad.

  4. What is your technique when drawing? Do you use something like a ruler, or?

  5. I resonate with this, thanks for sharing, try ERE it opened my eyes a bit.

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